Flying Solo


Facebook memories and a major throwback;

4th November, 2008 was the day I flew to Cairo. In many ways 25 is a very late age to take your first solo international trip what with many people going off to college abroad at 18 and other having the opportunities for exchange programs at even younger ages. I never had any of those experiences. I was raised in Karachi, I went to college a stones throw away from my home and the only international trip I had this far in life (barring my first few years of life growing up in UAE) was my college study trip to Iran with my batchmates and another with my best friend to India. Even though I had an amazing time being at home during all these years, it also frustrated my clearly restless soul.

As a newly earning adult, this Egypt trip was my first self-financed SOLO trip abroad. It was such a special time in my life. I was so incredibly excited and nervous. I had also just heard, a week prior to my Egypt adventure, that I was awarded the Fulbright Scholrship and would be leaving in a few months to America. The world was truly my oyster and I was looking  forward to the following years to be full of travelling and for a girl with itchy feet, this was everything.

Looking back over the last ten years, I can say for certain that there have been very very few “coulda shoulda woulda” moments.

The girl in the photo above could not have imagined what her life would like like ten years on. I had no plans and no idea of where I was headed in regards to my career. When I look back now I am relieved and happy that I let life organically grow into what it is today. No part of my journey was forced or one that I regret and I’m so utterly blessed and grateful for all the opportunities that have come my way over the years.

Privilege is a huge responsibility and I certainly hope that one day when I’m long gone, I’m looked upon as someone who didn’t let mine go to waste – as someone who gave back to society in whatever way she had the means to – who did enough things that mattered (in one way or the other) and finally as someone who always loved what she did.

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